Saturday, January 30, 2010

Distressed Cabinet

Drum roll please.......
So here it is...the big reveal! The bathroom cabinet turned out great!

I did a similar project in a clients home a few months ago. We found a telephone table at Calico Corners with this same finish.

So then the wheels started turning. Why couldn't we paint her kitchen cabinets in this same finish??? Thankfully she was game, so I called in the painter and we were on a roll. The finished product was beyond amazing! It needs to be in a magazine...nuff said:)

Now for the steps...

1. I started out prepping the cabinet by washing it and lightly sanding the finish with a very smooth sandpaper. Don't go crazy here... I literally did a quick once over with the sandpaper.

2. Next, I primed with a tinted primer, then painted the whole cabinet in a very light shade of blue-gray. Okay, I can't give you details on the base color because I bought the paint at Lowes in their (what I like to call) reject section. They mark down all of the paints that are mixed incorrectly and sell them on a cart in the paint dept. I paid 2.50 for a quart of paint! I had no idea if the paint would work but I was willing to take the risk. Lucky for me, it worked.

3. Then I bought a Benjamin Moore paint sample in the color Hemlock. I dipped my brush in water and then put a dab of the Hemlock on the brush. I brushed lightly over the whole cabinet in a random pattern--no need for perfection here.

4. After the paint had completely dried, I started with the glaze. And let me just say here, I love glaze. It creates such depth and beauty in so many forms. Anyway, on to the glaze. Lightly brush the glaze onto the cabinet working in small sections. Immediately rag off the glaze. TIP** Rag off the glaze with a damp cloth. The glaze dries quickly so the damp cloth will give you a little more room to play with the glaze.

5. Add the detail. This is what gives real depth to your project. Dip your brush in the glaze and paint around all of the raised panels then take your damp cloth and run your finger along the edge of the panel so all that is left is a thin line of glaze along the raised panel.

6. Let it dry completely and top it off with 2 coats of Poly acrylic. Done!

Now, I need your help. No cabinet is finished without the jewelry. many choices! These are the two that I am debating between... this

and this...

I would love your feedback!!

Now for our next project. We are going to be staying in the bath for a few days...I am going to change this boring white counter top...

Into this beautiful limestone top...

How?? With paint!!!!

See you tomorrow,

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Journey

It is that time of year again. I sit looking at the snow out my window in my jammies and a hot cup of tea...dreaming of Spring. This is the time of year where we are all working on keeping New Years resolutions while trying not to go stir crazy with a house full of little ones who are watching way too many cartoons than we care to admit.

And then there is me...I'm going through a crossroads in life. I am a mother of two, a business owner, a housekeeper, a cook, a playmate, a human pillow, and somehow find time to be a friend and lover to my husband...phew!

But I'm also a Decorator. A creator. A lover of design and creating beautiful spaces where life happens. I feel most alive when creating. I started a design business 5 years ago and a lot has changed since then. I am now a mom of two who can hardly find time to shower in the day let alone design! I'm just like you.

Why a blog? Hmmmmm, good question. Well, I'm a dreamer...I've always dreamed of being the "Rachael Ray" of home decor. A bit of an "everyman" decorator, if you will. I'm not a snob. I'm not going to reference Billy Baldwin and Herman Miller in an attempt to impress. I am, very simply, a mom...who has an eye.

So I am gifting myself this year. I will create or be inspired by something, anything, everyday. I will show all of you how I did it. I will show you my secrets, my cheats and my screw ups. Nothing is off limits. Some projects will be big, some small, some tiny, but all will be inspirational.

The kids are napping so my first project begins...A painted bathroom cabinet with a chocolate glaze finish. Should be beautiful!

Soooo...will you take this journey with me?

See you tomorrow:)


The Patient...boring, boring, boring.

The Inspiration...

Stay tuned for the big reveal...