Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Treasuring Your Treasures

First of all, so sorry to everyone! I have been on a little hiatus! But don't think that I have been resting on my laurels. I have some huge reveals coming up that you will not want to miss!

So I have been wanting to do something creative with some special mementos ever since my precious son was born 2 years ago. You know how you hold on to their first little onsies, hats, binky's, etc...just to end up throwing them in a box in the attic never to be seen again? Well, this is a mini project that you can do to honor those special mementos. I bought a shadow box picture frame and gathered up my scrap booking supplies and precious mementos.

Look at the size of that onesie!! It is almost the same size as the 5 x 7 photo next to it! I can't believe that this guy... was that small! He is actually wearing that onsie in his newborn photo that I am using for this project. I had to add in the hand knitted hat and the binky that he received in the hospital. And as you can see in the above photo...he is a binky addict!!! So I couldn't leave that out:)
gathering my supplies...

I cut designer scrapbook paper to size and used it as a background for the frame.

I added nifty little brown satin picture corners. And they are self that!

I then arranged everything in the shadow box frame...

I secured everything with pearl tipped push pins.


I also did a very simplified version that I LOVE too. Sometimes the simpler the design, the stronger the message...

For the sake of equity, I must say that I will be doing this for Brooke too, but they only had one frame left at the store. Plus, I figured that I better do Bobby's before I lose these mementos in his closet which is rapidly becoming the "great abyss"! I still have Brooke's mementos tucked away safely:) Can you tell that I have Mommy guilt over this?? :)

Here is a preview of some amazing projects that are coming up...

Cruddy Cabinet Re-do

Moulding Magic

Venetian Plaster

Mural Painting 101

And, of course, the big Outdoor Space Reveal ***hint--you saw a little glimpse of it in an above pic!

And...The much requested Counter Top Painting!!! All to come soon:)

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