Friday, February 26, 2010

Fab & Frugal Floor to Ceiling Drapes

This is one of my favorite Fab & Frugal tricks. Most of you probably know how costly drapery panels can be. I have sewn floor to ceiling draperies for clients more times than I can count. They are usually one of the more expensive treatments because of the amount of fabric, lining and interlining that is needed. A good lining and interlining is key because you want the drape to look full bodied, not flimsy. Nothing worse than a flimsy, see-through drapery panel in my book! And, you know me, I want the look of expensive without the I came up with this in my own house...And I have to say it is pretty brilliant!

Would you believe that these are 2 King size quilts?

Yes, that's right, a quilt that you would put on your this...

but on the window. Crazy, right? Crazy beautiful!!!! Add a little pizazz in the form of a silk fabric border and tassels and we're in business!

As I mentioned before, I hate a flimsy drape so what makes these so fab is that you get the full bodied look without the work and expense of lining and interlining. Also, on a design note, I love that they are off white in the midst of dark walls and furnishings. It gives the eye a rest.

The play by play...

1. Wash and tumble dry the quilt/bedspread.
2. Lay out the quilt on a flat surface. I used the living room floor.
3. cut 8" strips of a fabric of your choice. I used this beautiful silk mini check because I knew it would be easy to match the pattern up.
4. Fold over a 1/2 inch of the fabric so that the rough edge is not showing. Iron it flat.

5. Hot glue the fabric border to the edge of the quilt. Fold it over the edge of the quilt and hot glue the other side as well. This way you have a clean finished look on both sides of the drape.



6. Cut tassel fringe to the length of the drape and attach the fringe to the fabric border with hot glue.
7. Attach to clip rings and hang from a drapery rod.

I pulled it back with tassel tie backs...


Now for the best part...the savings!

2 King size quilts = $40 x 2= $80
10 Yards Tassel Fringe = $10 (got a major bargain here!)
2 Yards silk border fabric = $30
Total $120

Now if these were custom draperies...

20 Yards Decorator Quality Fabric = $400
20 Yards Lining = $160
20 Yards Interlining = $160

Okay you get the idea...$720 just for the fabric and linings!!! Not to mention the trim! It would be approaching $900 for the same look that I achieved for $120...Makes me happy:) I would love to see your pictures if you try this in your own home!

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