Friday, February 12, 2010

Sweet Ideas For Your Valentine

I have been pondering Valentine ideas for days! Something original, beautiful, personal and sentimental. I was in a quandary until I started thinking about my Valentine projects that I did as a little girl. And then it hit me. Remember those Valentines shoe boxes that we made to hold all our Valentines at school? Well, this is a remodeled version of that red and pink construction paper shoe box! I decided to make little valentine boxes for my wee ones. My goal is to bring these boxes out every year on V-day and surprise my wee ones when they wake with a Valentine and gift in their box. Cute, right?! Yay--a new tradition just like that! And I'm all about tradition.



It will also serve as a storage for all the Valentines that they receive throughout the years from mommy and daddy. Love it!

Every Christmas, I have a nifty way of displaying my Christmas cards. I tape a long piece of wired decorative ribbon to my kitchen cabinets and then I attach all of my Christmas cards. So why not Valentine hearts???

I outlined heart shapes using a heart shaped cookie cutter onto designer scrapbook paper. I cut them out and then attached candy hearts with a glue gun. Instead of wired ribbon, I used burlap twine. The result...sweeter than sweet:)

Treasure your Valentine this weekend! See you tomorrow...

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