Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Roman Shade Re-make in 30 Minutes

What is the first thing that you buy after you move into a new house??? Blinds! Well, that's if they didn't come with your house...and in my case, they didn't. So while the ink was still drying on our closing docs, I measured my windows and went out and purchased the cheapest blinds that I could find. My intention, of course, was to make window treatments for every room in my house within the first month of being there. forward almost 6 years...I still have those cheap woven Roman blinds on a few windows!

These days I have more of an eye toward re-purposing items rather than the "throw the baby out with the bath water" attitude that I used to have. So I've been thinking...why can't I just re-cover this blind with some great fabric and call it a day? And that's what I looks so great and I can't wait to re-cover the other blinds that I fun! Best of all, no sewing needed! As you know, I'm all about easy and cheap projects these days. I used left over fabric that I had from an old project so this literally cost me a big whopping $0.00...gotta love it!

This is the before...

1. Iron the fabric that you plan on using for your blind.

2. Cut to size leaving an extra 2 inches of width on all

3. Attach the fabric to the roman with hem tape.
Neatly fold over the sides and cut a piece of hem tape to the length that you need. Apply heat with an iron until the tape fuses the fabric to the shade.
You could also sew this by hand using a blind stitch, or even use a glue gun if you are really looking for speed and an easy project!

4. Wrap the fabric around the header as if you are wrapping a present. Secure with hot glue.
5. Fold the bottom hem up neatly and fuse with more hem tape.Done!


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