Monday, February 22, 2010

Fab & Frugal End Tables

This is such a great idea! I have been searching Craigslist/ebay/garage sales, etc. for end tables for my Outdoor Space renovation without any luck. Pictured below is my dream piece, but there is NO WAY that I am paying that much for an outdoor table. So I headed out to my decor mecca...HomeGoods! Say what you will about HomeGoods, but as a professional decorator that specializes in saving my clients money where I can, HomeGoods is IT for accessories. Not only did I get the idea for these Fab & Frugal end tables, but I found a couple great pieces for next to nothing that will be the inspiration for the fabric and texture in the space.

So let me explain how I did close attention, it's so tricky you might miss something:) KIDDING! It's so easy it's ridiculous!

Turn over a rectangle woven basket like this...

Purchase a serving tray that matches the woven material and size of the basket that you are using. Then put the tray on the basket...

Then I purchased a clear tempered glass cutting board and placed it inside the serving tray. It's great because it provides a smooth surface for drinks and snacks and gives it a more finished look.

Hey, not bad for a $10 investment!

Or why couldn't you use this same idea to make an ottoman. You could easily make a cushion to place on the inverted basket. Endless possibilities:)

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