Thursday, April 29, 2010

Golden Gal Makeover

I have been off the map has become so crazy busy but thankfully there is an end in sight. I have not mentioned this until now, but I have a HUGE project that is upcoming that I can't wait to share with you. It is a unique project as it presents many different challenges... budget, design and emotional challenges all rolled into one project! So what is it you ask??? Well, my mother is moving from my childhood home in MI to a condo in FL. If anyone has been through this, you know that there is a lot of emotion and excitement tied up in this move. I'm sad to never be able to go back to my childhood home, but I'm excited for the new opportunity's that this move creates for my mom and my family. So mom has slated me with design duties in the new condo. This is a huge challenge because the condo is a rental which means that we are limited by paint color, window treatments, light fixtures and permanent finishes like countertops, cupboards, etc. At first I thought---"ugh, how is this going to feel like home?!" And then I realized...this is a perfect new challenge for me. So many people rent homes, condos, and apartments and think they will never be able to create a space that feels like their own. That is simply not true.
So this excites me! To be able to create an amazing design working with existing paint color, window treatments and finshes (and they are not neutral, by the way--mauve anyone???). But we can create a great design and we will. The reveal will happen over Memorial Day weekend and there is much to do before then. Now for the pics..

The Master Bedroom with sliders out to the Lanai...

The trick will be to play down the pattern of the drapes with a couple of calming colors. I'm thinking crisp white and navy is where we will go. Add in some beautiful bedding and accessories and those drapes will fade into the background. I know, you're thinking..."no way!" Wait and see...:)

Guest Bath
Pretty straightforward. But we will give it some "wow" in the form of a shower curtain in a modern fabric...maybe a fretwork print. Like this one from Waverly. Looks kind of green in the pic but it is actually chocolate. Throw in some hand towels and some great artwork and done.

The Living Room
Now the real work begins...
This is where my decorating chops will be tested:) These draperies are actually not bad in person. They have a light yellow background color that gets completely lost up against the white (with a hint of pink) walls. Wish we could paint, but the owner just re-painted the place so that is a no-go. So the furnishings will be the catalyst to bring it all together. We are looking at a buttercream slipcovered sofa and some colorful accent chairs.

The Kitchen view to the Dining area...Living Room to the left. Like I said, mauve anyone??? That's okay, we can bring this up to date with some great runners, place mats and dishes. It'll me:)

More Living Room/Dining area photos and sliders to the Lanai.

And really, it is all about this view...I mean, that is why you move to Florida right???View from Living Room to Dining areaMaster Bath...needs a little pizzazz...Mom wants to use this room as her office slash guest room. Needs a window treatment and maybe we will tie in the gray from the carpet to bring it all together.

Stay tuned!! Can't wait to see this Golden Gal pad get the update that it deserves!

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